Thursday, May 20, 2010

Discussion Questions for The Lost City of Z*

I hope you're enjoying The Lost City of Z! Without giving too much away, here are a few discussion questions for you to consider. Post a comment about them or just tell us what you think about the book--we would love to hear from you!

How would you describe Fawcett? A rational man of science? A victim of his own obsession? What were his most admirable qualities and what aspects of his character were most troubling?

Does the interweaving of Grann's own story of his search for the truth about what happened to Fawcett add to or detract from The Lost City of Z?

What does The Lost City of Z reveal about the nature of obsession? Why were people fascinated by Fawcett in 1925? Why are people still fascinated by him 85 years after his disappearance?

Does The Lost City of Z remind you of any other books you have read, either fiction or non-fiction?

*Discussion questions courtesy of,, and me!

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