Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let’s Get Started: Discussion Questions for All the Living

So, tell us, Readers, what do you think of All the Living?

Did it grab you right away, or did it take hold slowly? Did you enjoy the author’s style? How do your feelings about it match up to all the rave reviews?

I’ve lifted a couple questions from that I would love to hear you comment upon—and don’t worry, they don’t give away any plot twists or spoil the ending! Here they are:

Though All the Living unfolds in the 1980s, many members of this community hold fast to old-fashioned attitudes. What are the costs and benefits of living in a locale that is removed, in some ways, from the modern world?

How did your understanding of the characters’ circumstances change as you read All the Living, based on what was revealed and withheld in the opening scenes? Were your first impressions of Aloma and Orren accurate?

Do you have a discussion question of your own you’d like to pose? Share it with us!

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