Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Discussion Questions for The Art of Racing

Did you enjoy this tale of the life of man's best friend? In the last day of Enzo's life he recounts what meant so much to him. Denny Swift is an aspiring race car driver. Enzo is his animal companion; although he perceives himself to be a human without thumbs. Denny and Enzo knew they could rely on each other through life's ordeals. When Eve got sick Enzo was there to support Denny. Enzo was there to protect Denny from the custody battle with Zoe's grandparents and the accusations from Annika. And that magnificent ride in Denny's race car. Enzo learns a lot from watching television so he knows the techniques of racing a car, especially in racing in the rain of life, love, and friendship? Is there anyone you can truly rely on to be by your side like the friendship Enzo and Denny have. Enzo looks after Denny like a human. Do you think that is possible to be able to communicate in this manner?

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