Monday, August 17, 2009

Discussion Questions for The Other

I hope you're enjoying The Other. Let's get the discussion started!

1. Neil describes John William at sixteen as “The rich kid who hates and loves himself equally. The contrarian who hears his conscience calling in the same way schizophrenics hear voices, so that, for him, there’s no not listening”. Have you encountered people like John William in your own life? In literature? What makes him a believable character, rather than a stereotype?

2. Does Neil also represent a familiar type or character? What makes him interesting or appealing to you? To John William? What distinctive characteristics (strengths and flaws alike) inform the way he tells John William’s story? Consider the qualities that Neil admires in John William in contrast to how he describes himself.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great feature that I just discovered. I'm on the library catalog all the time, but really haven't explored other sections that have developed.

I saw a display of The Somnambulist in the library and didn't realize it was tied to an online discussion. I will definitely check out the book in Sept. and participate on some level. I'm amazed--truly amazed--that with such great questions, etc. there is no participation. I just have to think that most people haven't found this feature yet. You might highlight it as a "virtual book club" in some of your newsletters (which I do get and skim).