Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Few More Discussion Questions for Gardens of Water

I hope you're enjoying Gardens of Water.

I'm really looking forward to hearing Alan Drew speak on June 21st at the Main Library.

Did you notice the discussion questions at the back of the book? I picked the three that I liked best for my final post, but feel free to post your own:

In what ways do Sinan and Marcus represent the larger issues of East vs. West?

Would this story be different if Dylan and Marcus were from a different country? If so, how?

What do you think defines a happy life? How do the characters' perceptions of this differ from one another?

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Ellen Gormley said...

Hi, I just finished the book last night. I found the ending somewhat abrupt. I wonder if Dylan's quick exit from the story indicates he felt some responsibility/guilt for what happened? I don't think I fully understand Ismail's silence? Was it his Christian/Muslim ideas conflicting within him? Was it is mixed emotions about his father? Was it knowing that his parents loved him more than Irem? Was he doing penance or something for being the surviving child?