Sunday, February 22, 2009

Related Reading for The Soloist

If The Soloist piqued your interest in finding similar books, you'll find plenty of possibilities in the On the Same Page website. Here's a selection of nonfiction titles:

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey through Madness by Elyn R. Saks. Saks describes her battle with schizophrenia.

Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff. A journalist’s account of his teen son’s meth addiction.

The Outsider: A Journey into My Father’s Struggle with Madness by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer. Lachenmeyer was nine when his father was struck by schizophrenia; after his father’s death, the son retraced the father’s life during the years of their estrangement.

Joe Gould’s Secret by Joseph Mitchell. In the early twentieth century, Gould left his wealthy family to live on the streets of New York City.

And here are some fiction titles:

The Caveman’s Valentine by George Dawes Green
Romulus Ledbetter, a Juilliard graduate and former mental patient who lives in a cave in Manhattan’s Inwood Park, discovers the frozen body of a homeless man.

The Bird of Night by Susan Hill
Octogenarian Harvey Lawson looks back on his relationship with his friend Francis Croft, a poet and genius afflicted with mental illness. A Costa (Whitbread) Award—winning novel.

In the Half Light by Anthony Lawrence
Australian poet James Molloy learns to deal with his schizophrenia while he relates to three different women in his life.

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